Weapons of WW1.

In World War 1, many new weapons were made practical. Flame throwers, tanks, and all other weapons were never used before WW1, mostly because they were too unpractical. Flamethrowers could only shoot out a few flames or ran out of gas too fast, and Tanks, well they just wouldn’t work.
Machine guns were invented and were allowed for mass production. Machine guns, from the Gatling gun to the maxim gun have become better and better. The good thing about these was that they did not have to be loaded after every shot, and had a higher potential for killing people. Also, entirely new, were tracer bullets and flamethrowers. Tracer bullets would illuminate when flying through the night so you would know where they hit. Also used were flamethrowers. Flamethrowers would be to used to burn enemies out of trenches or hideouts.
The most dangerous weapons were the artillery weapons. The Germans made two very famous ones, the Big Bertha, and the Paris gun. The Big Bertha was capable of accurately shooting a 1700 lb. cannonball over 7 miles. This was used to great effect in the battle of Liege. Also, a gun called the Paris gun was developed. It was able to fire a 234 lb. projectile forever 75 miles, though with little accuracy. These two were the biggest super guns.
New ways of transportation were invented, Tanks. Tanks were meant to cross trenches, and resist enemy fire. These were really powerful but were more important in WW2. Now the MOST important invention out of all of these, was the Airplane. At first, they used airplanes to scout out enemy territory, but then a Dutch inventor figured out how to safely attach machine guns to the cockpit of a propellor plane. That’s right, the gunshot between the propellers. It completely changed the way the war was fought, and it resulted in tons of new innovations. The flying ace was given to any pilot who had shot down 5 or more planes. The Red Baron had 80 confirmed victories, which was the most of any WW1 pilot. He was eventually shot down.
The Germans also used the Zeppelin. It was a modern day blimp and gained its lift from hydrogen gas. Initially, it was a huge scare to the Allied forces because the Zeppelin could drop bombs on them. Afterward, they figured out how to counter the Zeppelin with tracer bullets and airplanes. For once you have a spark inside the Zeppelin, the whole entire contraption will burst into flames. Also intended were Sanitary napkins, air tragic controllers, and air to ground radio communication. Submarines were also used, and depth charges were invented to destroy submarines.
Poison gas was developed by the Germans and was used in an attempt to suffocate the enemy. Gas masks were also developed, so no major ground was gained by poison gas. Many did lose their lives or suffer permanent disabilities, though, which is a theme found throughout WW1.

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