Chapter 4: The Ship.

“Well, this is pretty exciting! So, let us introduce ourselves,”
“I’m 16 years old, and my name is Frank.”
After a moment of silence, someone else in the room spoke up, “Hello! I’m Harold, and I am 18 years old!”
“I’m Gram. I am 20 years old.”
Mark, the only one left in the room, just stared sullenly at them all and said, “I’m 18, Mark.”
After a while, the bell was rung, and someone came down yelling, “Breakfast, Breakfast! Whoever’s up last is washing the dishes.”
Everyone scrambled up the ladder and were all quickly eating.
“Mark. It is up to you to do the dishes! Now don’t waste your time by moping around. Speaking of that, Peter, clean the ground! And you, Samuel, get the dishes to Mark.”
Grumbling, they all slowly went to work, “Stupid, I didn’t sign up for such mundane tasks!”
At the time, Frank was learning about the ship even more, and telling Capt. John what he knew about ships.
Glaring at Frank, Mark said, “He gets to talk to the captain, but I have to wash the dishes humph!”
Frank was very glad to be learning about the ship. Capt. John said, “Well, if you want, I’ll give you some lessons on running the ship, but first you’ll have to learn some more math. Better get to work.”
“Thanks, Captain, I’ll be sure to practice more.”
Mark made some friends there, both with Sam and with Peter.
“I tell you, what would be mighty fun. Tonight at 8:00 go to my room. I’ll bring some beer, and some candy, and we’ll have a mighty good time. What do you say?”
“Nice!” was the answer from both Mark and Sam, “That will be just the thing from this boring day. I was looking forward to fighting the natives. Not cleaning and doing work all day.”
Later in the day, once they finished doing a lot of work, Frank decided to do some Math. He went downstairs and saw Mark going from the room carrying a bottle of wine.
“Mark? What are you doing? You better put that back, or else someone will report you!”
“You tattletale, don’t you dare tell anyone this!” and saying that, he ran away.
“Oh dear, I knew I didn’t like something about him, well, I most definitely will not tell anyone about this, though.
Now during the night, Frank did study math, but he did not get much progress, due to the fact that he was worried about what happened.
Then he received a letter, it was from his former doctor, the one who helped him get out of the orphanage! It went like so, “Hello Frank! I hope you’re doing well, but I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. Mr. Owens has filled out a warrant for your arrest on the charge of burning down his barn and some other things. I’m very sorry to have to tell you this now, but I had to.”
“Well, this is bad.” Frank muttered under his breath.
The next day, once they finished breakfast, Co-Captain Sarah said, “Now someone has brought wine. Who is it! Raise your hand NOW!”
No one raised their hand, so she said, “If you raise your hand, you will not be punished.”
Still, no one raised their hand.
“Then, I declare, Frank walk up!”
Surprised, Frank got up and walked up, but he was thinking, “What?”
At the same time, Mark was sniggering, and whispered to his friends, “He deserved it! The idiot, he thought he could get away with it.”
Frank completely denied whatever to do with it, and at the same time, Harold and Gram rose up in anger, “He was in his room the whole night doing math!”
“Doing some math, who would do that?”
Frank was condemned as guilty and was sent to the prison room to be fed stale bread and water.
Harold and Gram both knew he was not guilty, and were trying to get proof of who knew it.

“Did you see Mark sniggering as Frank was sent in there? Maybe it was him…”

“Well, we don’t have any proof about that, sadly.”

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