Chapter 5: Drunk?

“Well, I’m in trouble now. But what have I done to Mark for him to do this? I didn’t spill the beans.” Frank said.
Meanwhile, Harold and Gram were planning on what to do. They wanted revenge first. So they went to the storage room, and on their way, were thinking of ideas.
“Let’s get some bananas to trip them?”
“Nah, instead, we can throw fruit at them1!”
“No, I have a perfect idea,” said Gram, “let’s give them something slightly spicy!”
Saying that they arrived at the storage room. They took some sandwiches and filled them up with cayenne pepper. Like, literally filled up. They did that with three of the sandwiches and put them in the wine room on a table. This way, when any of Mark’s crew came, they would get ‘peppered’! Also, they made it so that when you went into the room, the door would lock once closed.
By night time, they were slightly dispirited because nothing had happened, but then it happened. They heard a door sound and saw Mark creep into the room. They were peeking through a hole in the wall.
“Oh, there’s some Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, also some Chateau Petrus,” said Mark, “quite nice!”
Harold sniggered.
“Who did that? Whatever, it might have just been someone in the upper floors.”
“Wait, there are some sandwiches? Well, I am terribly hungry, I guess I’ll eat a few.”
Saying that Mark started to take a bite of one of the sandwiches, all the while Harold thought, “Yes, yes yes yes yes! This will completely pay him back for what he did!”
As Mark was terribly hungry, he took two large bites from a sandwich, “Mmmmm, that tastes good!”
But then he tasted the spiciness.
“AHHHHH! Whoever made these has a strong pallet!” Said, Mark, as he started crying, sneezing, and as his hair stood up. “Whew!”
The spiciness lasted, so he opened a bottle of wine and started to drink. It was still too spicy, so he managed to down a whole bottle, of course slowly, but it was because of the spiciness.
Soon, the first mate wondered where Mark had gone, for he was wanted, and so she came down. Hearing sounds in the wine chamber, she tried to open the door, but it was locked.
“What is this?” She said as she tried a couple more times.
“Uh oh. Sarah is here, she will be sure to catch us,” whispered Gram, “What should we do?”
“Well, we can just walk away, but we were never supposed to be this close to the wine room….”
Suddenly, everyone heard a great, “THUMP!” And so Sarah knew someone was in there.
She took out a key and looked inside, seeing Mark.
“Whhaaaattt haapppeeennneded?” He groggily asked.
“You sir, are in trouble,” said Sarah, “coming down here, eating sandwiches and drinking wine! We should never have gotten you on this ship!”
After that, Frank was released because most people now knew it was Mark.
“Wow, I didn’t know Mark would be so stupid to just get drunk on the ship in the day.” Said Frank.
“Well, it really wasn’t his plan to get drunk now, he was forced to. Sort of” Replied Gram.
“Yep, we got him something spicy, and he did the rest of the work!”
“I can’t believe it worked!” Said Frank, “You two are Geniuses!”
Then after that eventful day, they went to sleep.
In the morning, they were woken up with a startling call, “Man the guns and get your muskets, a ship has come near us, and has fired a couple shots! Turns out they are pretty mad right now!”
Hustling out of bed, and wearing their clothes, they ran up to see what had happened. They saw a couple ships headed straight towards them.
“Oh no! Let’s get our guns just in case.”
“You guys,” shouted Sarah, “once you are finished getting your guns, help with the big ones”
“Yes, ma’am.” They replied.
While they were getting their muskets, a big boom was heard, then, “Splash!”
“Well, they are going after us…” Said Frank, “We better hurry up, or they’ll have a hole in us and take our goods before we’ve had a chance to fight!”
Then, right in the spur of the battle, they smelt smoke.
“Guys, do you smell smoke?” Asked Harold.
“Yeah, I wonder why…” They trailed off.
A big flame popped out of the dungeon room, and they all gasped. They quickly ran upstairs, and head that three of the crew went on a lifeboat away from them. It was Mark, Sam, and Peter.
“Mate Sarah! There is a fire down below, a pretty big one!”
She ran downstairs with them and saw the fire. Just in time to see it reach a barrel of powder and make it explode.
Overall the shouting and noise, she yelled for everyone to quickly grab whatever was left, and jump into a lifeboat. Just as soon as most of them got off, the ship blew up.
The Germans, very excited over what happened, and kept on yelling, “Schau Schau!” (Look, look!) Then, they sent out some boats to chase them down.
Now Frank was in a boat with his friends, and they had ample amounts of food, enough to last all of them for a week. They also brought with them a barrel of gunpowder, and all had their muskets.
Many of the crew mates were doing their best to row as fast as they could, but since all were tired, the Germans soon were very close to them.
Captain John was doing his best to encourage them all, but when he saw that they wouldn’t be able to outrun the Germans, he told everyone to spread out and swim to the shore. About this time, Frank was shot, and so he couldn’t swim that well. The Germans caught up, placed him in their boat with big grins on their faces, and put him in a jail cell in the boat.
“Poop. It is like I’m back accused of drinking wine all over again. Whew.”

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