Chapter 6: Caught.

“Huh, well that was a pretty bad swim,” groaned Gram, for he was not exactly the skinniest out of them all, “huh. HAROLD? FRANK?”
“Yes,” was faintly heard in the distance to the left, “is this Gram?”
“Yes, now please get your butt over here, and hi to the person on the right!”
Suddenly, coming from the place where he thought Harold was, Captain John appeared. Flushed at having called the Captain as, “Your butt,” Gram said, “Oops, sorry.”
So, four of them were united, Gram, Captain John, the first Mate Sarah, and Harold.
“Frank? Alice?” They all called and searched for him.
Then they guessed that he might have been captured.
“Oh poop, sorry Frank and Alice.” Said, Harold.
“Well, what we have to do now, we will get a plan together once we get a good meal, a good sleep, and some reinforcements.”
Meanwhile on board the German ship, Frank was trying to find his way in the dark jail that he was placed in. Getting up, he bumped into someone.
“Hello? Who are you?”
“Mark, how ‘bout you.”
“Oh, it’s you, Mark. If you can’t guess, it’s me Frank.” said Frank, frustrated that he had to deal with Mark at this time, “How did you get captured?”
“Well, my, ‘friends’ abandoned me because I didn’t row properly.” Was the reply, “And now, we just have to wait to be executed or put into a work camp.”
“Mark? Take a more positive view. We are still alive, and they haven’t decided on what to do with us yet.”
Then they heard a slight knock. Frank wondering who it was.
“Hey, who’s that?”
“I’m Alice, I was on board the merchant ship. How about you?”
“Oh, hi Alice! Remember me, you dad Captain John taught me lessons.”
“Oh! Hi, Frank.”
Now Frank had met Alice before and thought her a very pretty and kind young woman. And he was very surprised to see her caught.
“How did you get caught?” He asked.
“Well, as I was put into the safety boat, the Germans managed to sink it. Then, as we all got into life jackets and tried to swim to shore, the Germans got some of us. With me, I also have my friends Lucy and Vivian.”
“Oh! Mark also managed to get caught.”
“Mark? Like the guy who gets drunk and tried to blame the loss of wine on you?”
When Mark heard Alice’s opinion on him, he blushed intensely and stared at the ground while getting mad at himself for doing that.
“Alice! Mark is right beside me you know, he still can hear you.”
“Oh, well I guess now he knows what we think of him.”
Then, when the guards came to give them some water and food, they stopped talking.
During the night, they started to plan their escape. There were only a few problems. They could break down the door, but all the guards had weapons. And they supposed that the guards knew how to use them.
Meanwhile, on the beach, Harold and Gram were busy finding some food.
“Well, this is definitely harder than in Swiss Family Robinson!”
“Yep, it sure is.”
Then, they heard a screech and a scream. It sounded very weird, and they couldn’t relate it to any creature they had seen yet.
“Uh oh, do you think there are cannibals on this island?”
“Hopefully not.”
Then, a big hard coconut was thrown with force from a tree and hit Gram on the foot.
Then, a huge rain of coconuts fell down and cracked open as the fell.
“It’s the evil monkeys! Ahhh!” Yelled Gram.
“No, it’s providence! They are giving us food in exchange for the fun of intensely hurting us.” Calmly Harold said, as he quickly picked up the coconuts and ran away. Gram, following his example, also ran away taking some coconuts.
“Well, I hope this was worth it, I got at least 50 bruises on me. Whew!” Said Gram, “Unless I am VERY hungry, I don’t think I will ever go in there while the monkeys live any longer.”
“We did get lots of coconuts for sure, let’s bring them back to camp and get them in the fire.”
Back at camp, while eating cooked coconuts, they were wondering how they should get the rest of the crew, but most importantly (in their opinion), how to retrieve Frank and Alice.

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