President Calvin Coolidge

President Calvin Coolidge is probably one of the greatest presidents in history. He was born in 1872, in Vermont, and was the one president to be born on Independence day, July 4th. He moved to Massachusetts to pursue college and graduated from Amherst. He was apprenticed to a local law firm and was admitted to the bar in Massachusetts in 1897. He also opened a small law firm in 1898.
In 1905, he met his wife, Grace Ana Goodhue, and were engaged over the summer. They married in October and had two sons. He worked his way up the ladder and had to deal with the Boston Police Strike of 1919. He firmly decided to back up the Boston Police Commissioner and rebuked the union that led the policemen. This gave him some national attention and showed him to be a man of decisive action.
He became Vice President and was the first ever VP to attend cabinet meetings at President Harding’s request. He was very skilled in debates and public speaking but chose to use few words in private. So much so, that he even learned the nickname of, ’Silent Cal’. Now the only reason people became Vice Presidents back then was because the other people didn’t want them to have power. It was the same thing with Theodore Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge. But in 1923, he suddenly became president after Harding died of a Heart attack. He received the news while in bed, so he got up, dressed, met the reporters, was sworn into office by his father who worked in the government, and went to bed. In the Morning, it was debatable whether his father should have sworn him in, so he was sworn in again by the Supreme Court Justice.
Coolidge was a breath of fresh air. His Honesty and Integrity restored confidence and was re-elected in 1925 for a full term. He decided to cut taxes refund to bail out banks, and generally, steer a conservative path. He was later praised by Ronald Reagan for his hands-off leadership, and the 7 years of prosperity, peace, and balanced budgets.

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