Chapter 7: Escape!

“Hey, you guys, finally back?” Asked Mate Sarah.

“Yes, and whew, what a journey. We got the food, though.”

“Hmmm. Well get along, we’ve got a job to do. And plus, what have you got for food so far? We have been working on a shelter, so we are pretty hungry.”

“We’ve got some coconuts, tons of them actually. Some of them are open, and some closed, also got some figs and mussels while coming back.”

“Nice! That make some great eating!”

As they returned to camp, hungry and ready for lunch, they saw that a small shelter had been constructed.

“Hey, good job guys! Nice work on the shelter.” Came from Gram.

All he got for an answer was a grunt from the rest. As they sat down for lunch, taking the coconuts out of the fire and cracking them open, Captain John started, “So, we’ve been talking, and we say that we will first go around this island and search for any sign of people.”

“Yes, and we have also created a raft just in case.” said Sarah.

“Cool, but what about Frank and Alice?” Questioned Gram.

“We will split up. Sarah will go with me, and you two try to find Frank and Alice. And hopefully, find the wreck.”

So after eating their lunch and discussing the plan more, Harold and Gram agreed to everything.

Meanwhile, on the ship, the group of 5, Mark, Frank, Alice and her two friends Vivian and Lucy, were all waiting for Lunch time.

“So remember, after we get our lunch, we will rush out there, take the guards weapon and let loose the small boat. Yes?” Asked Frank.

“Yes, that’s the plan” Answered everyone.

At that moment, the door was opened, both their chains unlocked, and food given to them. Now, this was the first time they had both chains unlocked, for previously only the left one had been. Frank nodded at everyone else, “Yes! Everything is finally going well!” He said in his mind.

Right after they all finished eating, Mark and Frank quickly knocked the guard down and took his weapons.

“Ok girls let’s go!” Yelled Frank.

Rushing out, the Girls started climbing down a ladder. The girls went down, and once they got to the bottom, got into rowing position on a safety boat. At around this time, the Germans caught up with Frank and Mark, and one of them lunged to grab them. Now Frank was in front of Mark, but as soon as Mark saw the German, he pulled Frank behind him to save himself, while sneering, “Have a good time!”. Not wasting any time, Mark quickly scrambled down the ladder and into the boat, yelling, “Go girls go!”

“Where’s Frank?” Alice asked.

“He’s in the boat somewhere,” lied Mark, “Now go before they catch us or shoot us down.”

Quickly cutting the rope, they paddled away. Very soon the girls noticed that Frank wasn’t there.

“Mark, Frank isn’t here.” Stated Alice.

“But I saw him on the way here…” Said Mark unsteadily.

“We don’t know why you told us to leave him behind, but we will talk about it as soon as we get ashore.” And saying that, Alice turned away and the girls stopped talking to him.

While this was happening, Capt. John and Sarah went on the island to search for any missing of the crew, while Harold and Gram went out into the ocean to look for them.

“Hmm… I see a big object over there, let’s paddle that way.” Said, Harold.

“Yes Sir, heading starboard!”

Once getting close to the big object, they found that the object was a big boat.

“You know what Harold? That looks a lot like our former boat.”

“I think so too Gram, let’s try and get closer.”

They managed to get inside and found that some of the rooms were not burnt.

“Hmm… The Captain told us to be very careful if we were to find the ship, and he also told us if we could to go up to his room and get a big box.”

“Yes, but the only problem is that the stairway up is burnt, and the ladder is derailed, so…” Trailed off, Harold.

“So the only way is the big metal pole with the slippery footholds. Great.” Said Gram, finishing the sentence, “Well, I guess I’m game.”

“Ok Gram, you see the office up there? All you have to do is climb up this pole, go to the office, and grab the box. Then, I will have a big pile of cushions and the like, and you will drop the box on it. A good plan?”

“Well, yes. But there is only one problem.”

“And that is?”

“Never mind, I think I’ll be able to climb a 150 ft. pole. Anyways, the Captain said that inside it contained what might be able to take us back home. So I’m all in!”






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