Chapter 8: Friends?

“Hey, look, girls, I found land!” Yelled Alice.

“Really! That’s great, I’ll go call the rest of them.”

Straining a closer look, Alice saw a big ship far in the distance.

“Huh, weird. Maybe it’s our former ship! It might have some useful things on it.” Thought Alice, “Maybe I’ll get a closer look at it.”

“Hey, Alice, where are we going?” Questioned the girls, “The land is over there.”

“I think I found our former ship, let’s check it out.”

Meanwhile, Gram was starting to climb the big pole. The pole was very slippery, and Gram was very thankful that half way up the pole there was a stand. Harold finally finished finding some unburnt mattresses and laying them down underneath Gram.

“How are ya doing Gram? You’re almost there!”

All he got for an answer was some heavy panting from Gram, who was already a third of the way there, “Wow,” he thought, “Gram really is good at climbing these poles.”

Once Gram finally made it to the halfway point, he went on the platform.

“Almost there.”

After another grueling ten minutes, he got to the top.

“Aahhhh. Thank God that you put these bandaids on me if I didn’t have these my hands would be only bone now.”

“Are they okay, though?”

“Yep, they are only a little sore, now the chest, hmm.”

A couple minutes later, Gram found the chest, “Whew! This box is huge and heavy! Well, incoming!”

Saying that, Gram dropped the chest onto the mattresses, Harold got it safely in the boat, and Gram came down. However, on the way down from the Captain’s room, the pole started shaking.

“Umm, Harold? What’s happening? Oh no…”

Just as he said that the pole started creaking and falling down. Quickly, Gram made a big leap for the water but happened to hit part of the boat as he got in the water.

“Gram? Where are you?” Yelled Harold, searching through the waters for him.

“Oh hey there buddy, I got you, it will be alright.” Said Harold as he got Gram, who was mumbling all sorts of things, just as the big beam fell and hit a gunpowder container.

“Ah, we’ve got to get out here fast.”

“Oh, this is hard to paddle with these boats attached here!”

The girls happened to be pretty close to the ship and made out some figures, saying to each other, “Oh no, don’t move girls, we don’t want the Germans noticing we are here.”

For they thought that the people they saw were Germans, and were sure that they could not outgrow full grown men. Then, they saw a big beam fall down from the ship, a person falling off, and heard a big boom as the ship was set on fire.

“Oh, my. What happened? I hope whoever that is is fine.” Whispered Alice.

Then, they saw a boat coming towards them.

“Girls and Mark, ROW! We’ve got someone coming towards us, go now!” Alice yelled as she saw the boat coming.

They all set to motion, and Alice was about to shoot them just as the boat raised a white flag. They slowed down and asked the people in the boat, “Who are you?”

“Aww, how did you escape Alice?”


“Ah yes, and my buddy Gram here is unconscious, who have you got with you? I’m assuming you don’t have Frank?” He said as he sobered down.

“I have with me my friends Vivian and Lucy, and yes, sadly Frank isn’t here. Oh yeah, the coward Mark also is here, he did another unspeakable thing. Humph.”

“Ok, well we better get back to camp, follow me back!” So saying, Harold turned the boat around and started paddling back home.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Captain John found half of the crew and brought them back to camp. Having made sure they bore no ill will to anyone. Coming back to camp, Harold already saw another hut built and more people working on some.

“Hey, guys! Found some more of the crew? Yeah, but I got a problem here.”

“Yeah? Well, we’ll handle it.”

“Gram is unconscious and has been bleeding somewhat. I washed the wound and padded his head with some clean clothes I found, but that’s all.”

“Did you find the box, though?”

“Yes, but what does that have to do with it.”

“Well, the box just happens to contain some first aid supply’s.”

“Sir! I’ll make sure to set to work at once.”

Then saying, Harold took what he needed and put them to use. The captain took the box and went away to do something with what was inside of the box. The girls also got settled, and after they ate, they went accordingly to sleep.


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