Rough draft of Chapter 9: Startling news.

“Where am I?” Frank thought as he rubbed his head, “This hurts!”

Then it all rushed back to him, all the thoughts, “Oh yes, I think everyone managed to escape, I just hope they found the rest of the group.”

Frank looked around, and found himself back into the familiar cell, or was it familiar? No, it wasn’t, he was on an entirely new boat. Then, the door opened, and he saw two bodyguards surrounding who seemed to be the ship’s captain.

“Would you like to come out here?” Was asked in German.

“Why of course yes!” Frank responded, back in the same language, though confused at why he was being asked this, for prisoners are never allowed on deck, much less out of the cell.

“Oh, you speak our native language?”

“I do, I learned it on my ship, but I speak rather roughly.”

“Well, there is one condition you have to agree to, and that is to not make any attempt whatsoever to run away.”

“I will accept your terms, but I warn you, that condition will only be held for the present.”

“Very well, as long as you warn us a bit in advance before you take leave!” Laughed out the leader, as he went away, the guards bringing Frank out in the open.

Meanwhile, at camp, everyone was wondering what the Captain was doing back there in the corner.

“Captain? It’s lunch time, we have some food for you.”

“Ah, thank you, but I think I’ll have mine later.”

“Sir, we already had our lunches, you asked us to wait 3 times already? I think you should have some lunch. You need to eat to survive you know?

“Harold, what I’m working on right here just might help us get home, I think I got it, I just need a little more time to figure it out.”

“Yes, sir.”

Capt. John had been working on a radio, for his box contained a radio. The only problem was that during the fire, the inner workings of the radio hadn’t been working all that well, and he had spent the whole day working on it.

“Ok, guys, Captain is working on a radio, but we have to find out a way to get Frank back.”

“Great idea Harold, but just to mention, did anyone see Mark?”

The thing was, that Mark felt so out of place that he ran away from the camp and went to find his friends.

“So what are you guys doing?” Asked Frank.

“Don’t worry, all we are going to do is to raid one of these rich villages, that’s all! Haha!” Replied the drunk leader.

“Which one?”

“Ah, I doubt you know it, so it won’t cause any trouble, it is Soana.”

“Oh!” Exclaimed Frank, suddenly remembering that Alice’s family lived there.

“What is it?”


Later Frank sat aside thinking about what he should do. He had to find a way to stop the boat! And maybe contact the camp.

“Aha!” Came from Capt. John.

“What is it, sir?”

“I think I have, just a little tweak here…” Then he twisted some wires, and a buzzing sound came on.

“Yes, yes, good. But right now it only has a really small transmission range. Ugh.”

“Wait, Harold! I think I hear something,” said John as he put the earpiece close to his ear, “umm, who is this?”

“Frank.” The radio buzzed out.

“Oh, Frank! Listen, where are you?”

“Quieter, please! I am on board a ship who is planning to get to where you live, didn’t you tell me you lived near here at Soana?”

“Why yes, are we that close? I couldn’t really know where we are.”

“Yes, anyway’s, they are planning to make some sort of attack! Is there now anyway for you to figure out where you are?”

“I think so, let me think… Oh, I think I got it!”

“Nice, uh, I have to go!” Frank whispered as the line went dead.

Later in the day, the whole entire camp got on boats and started traveling towards Soana.

“Now if Frank was right, Soana should be right here.” Captain John said as he pointed to a map, “So I think that we are right here.”


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