Events During World War II.

During World War 2, many different events happened. One of which was the holocaust, which was an active genocide of Jews by the Nazis. There were also many resistance movements, and several other wars started because of these events.
The holocaust was an active genocide of the Jews by the Nazis, which led to over 6 million Jewish deaths, though they tried to justify their actions by claiming that they were purifying the nation of non-Aryans. Now the Aryans always thought that the rest of the people were of a lower class. But this is no reason or excuse whatsoever, in fact, there is practically no excuse to kill people for no reason. During the holocaust, they forced the prisoners to support the war effort in camps, or the concentration camps would be used as mass execution sites. In fact, the horrors of the holocaust remain one of the darkest facts of the history of WW2.
Many people still tried to resist, and people in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and even in Germany joined resistance groups to save Jews and non-Aryans. They tried to slow the progress of the Germans, tried sabotage, espionage, and even sometimes engaged in guerrilla warfare. These resistance groups stayed in communication with the Allied forces throughout the war and helped in the liberation of Europe in 1945. The differences of the political agenda’s of both sides also caused a tension that would last for many years after WW2. The cold war did not result in open confrontation between the Soviet Union and the US, but there were several side wars fought, and the citizens on both sides lived in fear.
The countries’ boundaries all were rearranged, and the cost of the whole war was 1 trillion using 1940 dollars. Adjusting for deflation, that is around 11 trillion dollars today. 55 million soldiers and civilians died, and that is a lot of people. The Germans were a very devastating force, and it is surprising that the Axis could hold off the Allied forces for so long. So even though most the Axis generals were not very good morally, they were very good tactical leaders and must be given the appropriate credit for that.

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