Rough Chapter 10: Preparation!

Everyone have started to hunger and thirst for food and water and were starting to have doubts about whether they were on the right track or not.

“If I ever lay my eyes on Frank again, I will be so happy.” Whispered, Alice.

“Oh looky here! Someone’s got a crush.” Giggled her friends in a joking manner.

“Well if he wasn’t so smart, we would still be stuck in that super tight prison on the German boat.” Snapped back, Alice.

“Yes we know,” they said, “we are just trying to raise the mood. Hey, it’s all fine!”

“Land ahoy!” Exclaimed John as they approached Soana.

“Really? Wow, I really thought we wouldn’t ever be able to get there.” People murmured as they got ready.

The group had been traveling for quite a while with only a small amount of water and some coconuts. All of them were starving and felt like each one felt like they could eat a whole pig.

As they arrived on land, they were greeted by some people, “Who are you!”

“We come in peace,” said Capt. John, “don’t you recognize me?”

“Should I? Umm… Wait, you’re John!” He realized, “Hey buddy! What are you here for, you said that if you were going to come you would warn me. And… Why did you get here in your life boats? Oh…”

“A somewhat dire situation I’m afraid.” John started.

“Well, I’m all ears!”

“Very well,” John said and he related all the events that had happened recently.

“And now, we’ve received news that this place is going to be attacked by some Germans. One of our group, Frank, has managed to tell us that.”

“Are you quite sure this isn’t just a trick?”

“Yes, and I would suggest getting prepared, he recently told us that there wasn’t much longer until the Germans came.”

Startled, John’s buddy Max ran away and went to the city tower to pull the bell.

“DONNNGGGGG!” Came a big reverberating sound from the bell.

Everyone immediately ran and gathered up, some with weapons, where they were.

“Hello townmates, I am sorry to announce that we are in need of shelter, and food.” John started as the crowd groaned, “But of course, that is not what we are here for. I have heard from one of our friends who is captured aboard a German ship, that they are coming to attack us!”

“But how do we know ou are not lying? Give us some proof that you are not just some random person coming to stir us up into something.” Someone shouted in the crowd.

“Well, let us start with this, do you know John, the one who became Captain?”

“Well yes,” They replied with some uncertainty in their voices, “his word can be trusted.”

“Well then, I am him!” Said John, feeling like this was a horrible climax.

As soon as he said that, his wife jumped out of the crowd and slapped him in the face, “Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming back?”

Then everyone started laughing.

“What should we do?” Came a panicked voice in the crowd.

“Yes, let us have everyone helping out. Get houses barricaded and with holes to shoot from, and make sure all gates to this city is closed, because if they came like I came, then I don’t know what would happen.” He said, “But thankfully, we have one of our boys on there, the one who contacted us this information, and are hoping that he can come up with some sort of plan to help as well.”

Later in the evening, after the crew had gotten a nap and had eaten, the captain called them, “Now after you guys have had your food and shut-eye, are you ready to get some work done?”

“Yes!” Was the answer form newly spirited men.

“Great. On our boats we have guns and powder, let’s bring it up to this island and give out the guns to everyone. Good thing I made sure every one of us has had experience with guns.”

Later on board the boat, Frank was trying to come up with a plan to slow down the boat, the bad thing was that he realized that they have brought quite a few men. There were a couple ships trailing them. He got a connection with John and told him the information.



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