Walt Disney.

Walt Disney is a very famous animator. He was made famous for his animations Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and more. He started off with just black and white animations, but then made it to feature-length movies with sound and color.
Thomas Edison was the one who developed the first successful video recording and the display device. He was very zealous to protect his patents. This is why the movie industry is mainly based on the west coast because aspiring movie makers were stifled by Edison’s enforcers. A specific area became Hollywood, and the first motion pictures filmed in Hollywood were made in 1910. Hollywood had two famous monuments, the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame. The Hollywood sign started as an 18-month advertisement for a place called Hollywood land. It was restored in 1949, and the land part of the sign was removed to reflect the Hollywood district. The Walk of Fame is a path on Hollywood Boulevard that has more than 2500 five-pointed stars of memorials to famous figures in the entertainment industry.
Walt Disney and his brother Roy created an animation studio in Hollywood called Walt Disney Animation Studios. He created multiple famous animations such as Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and more. He has won 22 academy awards and 59 academy nominations. He has won more awards than anyone in the entertainment industry has ever made. He also founded several theme parks like Disney land in 1955, Anaheim California. In 1965, a second Disney park called Disney World was opened outside of Orlando Florida. He died on 1966, but his company has continued to be a leader in both animated and live-action movies. Snow white was the first feature-length movie produced in 1937 in color. While adjusting for inflation, it ranks as one of the top 10 films every realized to theaters and launched the popularity of cartoons and plot films to the public. Multiple other movies like Gone with the Wind and Casablanca were also produced.
Walt Disney is a very successful person in the entertainment industry. He has left behind a very successful movie making business and different parks.

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