Some Majors I Would Be Interested In.

I would be pretty interested in the Technolgy department of STEM. Becuase in the 2016 report from ThinkAdvisor*, it mentioned Computer Science as the 4th most paying major for the starting salary:

4. Computer Science & Engineering

Starting Salary: $69,100

Mid-Career Salary: $115,000 (6th)

I think this is a good idea because technology is getting more and more important in our everyday lives, and soon we will need many programmers to improve the tech world. Technology is constantly improving, and I myself cannot find any indicator that it will go down soon. In fact, it has been rising so fast these past few years that I think it will be one of the most paying jobs.

My plan is to get into some sort of the Technology department for my Major, and my goal is to get to Computer Science.




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