Rough Chapter 11: Bad news.

“What did you say? There are that many people? Ah… This will make quite a big change in our fight, and yes, I hope for the best. Thanks for telling me, Frank.” Said Capt. John, sighing as he closed the connection, “Who would have known,” he said to himself, “well, I’ve got to tell the others, we don’t want everyone to be surprised.”

Opening, the door of the house, he dragged his feet across the town square and rung one of the smaller bells. Then, people slowly started filling out the square, murmuring and wondering why the bell was pulled.

“Everyone, I know this time has been pretty stressful, but we have done wonderfully in our job of protecting the city so far. But I have some bad news. Recently through Frank, I learned that the Germans have more people than we initially thought.” Started John, as the crowd grew louder, “I know this is pretty shocking, but we need to make a little army of our own here. We need strong fit men and boys in the brigade, we will station some scouts outside the city. Any other suggestions?” After this, immediately many people raised up their hands in willingness to enter the “army” and many helpful suggestions were made.

“Captain?” Came from the device, “Yes Frank?”

“I think you guys should think of a plan, the Germans have quite a few big guns on their ships, and they have quite a few ships. Most of them won’t even enter the city until the cannons have practically destroyed it. I overheard them, and it seems as if they have quite a bit of artillery force here.”

“Really? Well, that’s some more bad news, do you know anything else?”

“No sir, not at the moment.”

“Ok, make sure to inform me anything I ought to know.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Hmm…” He thought to himself, “How do we deal with this? Our walls are nothing when they open their cannons, and we sure won’t be able to just walk out there without getting shot at. Huh.”

“Captain?” Came from outside the door.

“Come in.” He said absentmindedly.

“Well, I’ve thought about it, and I think that the wall isn’t really strong enough.”

“Yes, that is a good idea, we need to make it stronger, but with the guns they have, it’ll be tough to do that in the time that we have.”

“What do you mean Captain?” Questioned Gram.

Capt. John told him what he had heard.

“Oh, I see. Captain?”


“I think I have an idea, is it possible to get Frank to get us aboard the ship? Because if we got aboard the ships, we would be able to disable them.”

“Hmm… I’ll think about, meanwhile, will you tell everyone about the change of plans? Please do.”

With this thought in mind, he fell into a troubled sleep.


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