Is Homeschooling Good For Kids?

Is homeschooling actually good for kids? Does it affect their social interaction? These questions all get asked quite a lot. Many people also ask me whether I feel lonely while at home or not. What do you think, is homeschooling actually beneficial?
Well, the truth is that now with common core, its goal is to leave no one behind in class. While it is all a very good goal but there is one problem, which is that if one child learns slowly, that means that the rest will also have to learn at the pace of that student. So if you are a parent reading this, wondering if your kids should homeschool, that means that most likely, homeschooling is good for your kids.
The common question considering whether kids will suffer socially will also be asked. You see, when kids have great relationships with their parents and everyone in the family, it means that they will do well socially. And if your kids want more interaction with others outside the family circle, then homeschooling leaves a very comfortable schedule for him/her to join different activities. Also, I myself have gotten to practice much more piano since a started homeschooling, and also have found plenty more time to spend on my hobbies than I have before.
I hope this has answered your question, but there’s one more thing. Every child is different, so I am no judge to say whether you should or should not homeschool your kids. I am just voicing my opinion on homeschooling

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