President Lyndon Johnson.

President Lyndon Johnson instituted a number of policies as president that were harmful to the country. He increased the US activity in a lost cause, the Vietnam war which had been simmering since the 1950’s.
Johnson was born in 1908, Texas, joined the city high school there and graduated in 1924 at the age of 15. He enrolled at the Texas State University and graduated in 1930 with a teaching degree. He then started politics and married a lady four years later who was called Claudia Alta Tailor, also known as Lady Bird. Even though he was married, he was known for his immoral character and exterior marital relationships. He signed in 1941 by the naval reserve office and somehow was awarded a silver star without even engaging in combat. He was elected to the senate in 1948 and became the democrat leader in 1954. He had been smoking 60 cigarettes a day until 1955 when he had a big heart attack. As a senator, he worked to gather the greatest amount of blackmail material on other senators to make sure he would get his way. And anyone whom he didn’t have enough blackmail material on, he would give them “The Treatment,” which was practically a one to one talk where he would completely persuade them to do what he wanted them to do.
Johnson later became a Vice President, and upon John Kennedy’s assassination, he immediately jumped forward with his strong personality that evening to become president. Rumors and pieces of evidence that we now have suggest that he knew of or even plotted the conspiracy. Once he became president, he had direct intel to politics, and he even wiretapped his own vice president. He escalated the US involvement in Vietnam, funded food stamps, and work projects, and also organized the Medicare and Medicaid programs to get insurance to elderly and uninsured patients. Following in the wake of a few attempted assassinations, he also made new sweeping gun rules. Now there are a few things that are wrong with what he did. Removing poverty is a good goal, but welfare spending will not get us there. Medicare and Medicaid are welfare programs that had never been funded properly, and today threaten to bankrupt the government. Also, by giving money to the poor, it gives the poor less will to work, as most of their demands are met. Gun control also just means that the criminals who were unlawful in the first place now have their way over the law abiding citizens who are now unarmed.
At the end of his presidency he was disliked, and following the inauguration of Nixon in 1969, he completely vanished from the public for the rest of his life. He started cigarettes again in 1970 and died in 1973.

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