Chapter 12:

“Captain, they’re coming! One of our scouts reported a couple german style boats cruising in.”

“Thank you, Harold, now is everyone in their formation outside?”

“Yes, sir.”

Then at that moment, the radio buzzed.

“Captain, we are approaching and they have their guns out, I am ready to release the hatch when you come nearby.”

“Great Frank, were preparing to march, which side are you guys on?”

“East, Captain, wait, their coming.” Said, Frank, as the Captain heard a couple loud footsteps, someone mumbling, and a giant crash as Frank got struck down.

“No!” Cried out the Captain.

“Oh don’t worry, this little piece of garbage will be taken care of, smack, “Shut up!” Now get ready we’re coming!”

Then the radio went silent and thoughts suddenly went rushing into his head together with worries. Taking a deep breath, he went outside.


“Yes, Sir!”

“I have some news, Frank has been found and we now have to find another way in.” Said Capt. John as the soldiers shifted a bit.

“I know it is some pretty bad news, but we can still do it. Follow Gram!”

Gram lead the way, and they silently marched into the jungle and towards their boats. The bunch of soldiers had been training for this for a week already, and all had determined faces toughened by training. Then, they were startled by a giant boom and splinter of wood. They looked at each other with frightened faces, that meant that one part of their boats had been discovered and destroyed.

“Darn it! Section one, you can go back and help with the city preparations, get them ready.” Capt. John cursed.

Then, they heard another boom, and another, until when they got there, there was only one boat left.

“Okay,” Capt. John sighed, “let’s do this.”

So saying, they jumped in the boat and went off towards the boat. They managed to get behind the last boat where there were the least scouts watching and crept up. they took a couple rocks and threw them on the other side. Clink Clink. Immediately the few scouts that were on the boat went to look at the rocks, and they quickly climbed up.

Grabbing one of the scout’s arms, Gram twisted it and kneed him in the ribcage, he then gagged him and told him to not struggle or else he’d get thrown into the ocean. At the same time, Harold and Capt. John found ways to subdue the other scouts. Let’s just say that the one that Capt. John dealt with was not very comfortable for a while after.

“Go go go! Find where Frank is and bring him back, quick!” Yelled Capt. John as he started running.

Gram sprinted off entering a room, only to be greeted by a large hungry mastiff growling at him.

“Good boy, good boy,” said Gram as he slowly backed off, “good little doggy.”


“Everythings fine.” Said Gram, as he suddenly stood as still as he could, like a tree. That’s what people tell you to do when you see giant dogs right? Maybe not really a good idea. Because then the dog did something unthinkable. He stopped growling.


Came the sound as the dog let out a sigh of relief, and Gram started whimpering, his jeans getting all soggy, sticky, and stinky with the smell of dog pee.

“Gah!” He whispered.

At the same time, Harold went down the other pathway, and heard sounds of a gun and scrambling in the direction of where Capt. John was. He went faster to search the area he was in, and after he didn’t find Frank, he quickly ran towards the quarter in which Capt John was.

“You scum,” he heard, “infiltrating my ship and trying to take away my captive. Hah! He is right in front of you, what a good thief you are! What you are trying to steal is in front of you but you can’t even do it!”

“Pst!” Came from Harold, and Frank turned his head and smiled sadly and pointed at the chains he was attached to. Then, he pointed to where the keys were. The keys were on the table right next to the captain of the ship.

“Darn it.” Whispered Harold, that will be hard to get. Then he smelt something really bad.

“Even more darn it!” As he turned around with the smell of pee in the air, as he saw Gram, totally downcast, with soaking pants.

They jumped on the german captain and tied him to the ground, and then freed Frank and Capt. John.

“Hey Frank, how are you, ole buddy?” Started Gram.

“No time for talking here, we have to get out of here.” Gruffly said Capt. John as he wrinkled his nose, “What is that?”

“Nothing,” said Gram, “nothing.”

Then they heard the radio on the tied German go off and say, “Anyone here? We heard some gunshots, is everyone fine? Repeat, is everyone fine?”

Then, the German managed to talk back, Americans on the ship! Invaded, I am tied to the ground right now. Send help! They’re escaping…” He stopped talking as he got smacked in the face and went unconscious.



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