Imagine a place where there is an endless amount of blue sky, large mountain ranges, and an ever-stretching ocean. A place that is completely… Perfect just perfect. Now think of when you last went outside to play, have you seen any litter? And if you haven’t seen any, I bet you have at least once littered something this past week.

Do you know how much we spend on cleaning up litter every year? Just saying, but maybe the 11.5 million dollars we spend on it could be used on something else if the problem of littering was cured. Also, littering really affects animal wildlife, and maybe even some household pets. Sometimes, I have even seen my dog gobbling up some pieces of a pork rib that used to be littered on the ground. Also, did you know that around 1.9 billion tons of litter are found in the ocean?

Okay, I have a confession to make. In fact, I have two. I do sometimes litter, although I do my best not to (most of the time). And the second one is I pulled most of this information from Google, so… yeah. My main point is, even though some of this information may not be true, it is still best to not litter.


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