Blog Sites, and Why They Are Important.

Why a blog site with lots of content will help me to get my first full-time job after university. I think, that having multiple blogs is really helpful to getting a full-time job after University.
Many schools, even many homeschool curriculums, don’t make you write multiple essays every week. And even if they do, most don’t make you set up a website and post all of your essay homework on there. The RPC even makes you make more than one website, recommending at least 2-3 websites full of information by the time you are at college. One can be an essay blog, hobbies blog, autobiography site, business site, expertise site and whatever you can think of, because why not make more than one?
What makes blogs so important, is that they can be evidence to the school district that you actually have done something in your couple something years of homeschooling. So when the people from the university asks what you have done in school the past few years, you can show them the website, and just by looking at it, they can see that you have written over 150+ essays, showing them that you stick to your knitting, as Dr. North put it. Personally, at this moment I have written 120+ essays on this site and around a hundred or two more on my old site. It can also be retroactive evidence for improvement because hopefully, you will get better and better. Also, it gains you website skills, which are very important.
In conclusion, I think that having multiple blogs are very helpful tools, and I also hope to have at least two blogs full of posts by the time I get to university.

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