“The Government is not the Solution, it is the Problem,” President Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States and was after President Jimmy Carter. He was a firm and unswerving leader and helped the US to become a world leader again.
Ronald was born in Tampico Illinois in 1911 and was the son of Jack Reagan. His father was a salesman and a stroller of Irish decent. He lived in a rather poor but optimistic family, and he showed support and kindness to black people around him. Reagan once witnessed a local inn not allowing black people to stay, so he invited them into his own house. Reagan excelled in acting, sports, and storytelling, and for his first job as a lifeguard, he rescued 77 people. He went to Eureka college, and was good at liberal arts, economics, sociology, became a cheerleader, and did many other things. Then, he was known as a Jack of all trades. He graduated in 1932, and went to Iowa where he became a radio announcer, and was known for his play by play accounts even without looking at the screen. Ronald later got a contract with the warner brother studios for the next seven years, until he joined the army. He transferred to the first motion fiction unit, and helped to produce over 200 training films. He was also part time informant to the FBI on potential communists.
Reagan was the only president to have been divorced, his first wife having divorced him in 1949. In the 1950’s, he met his wife in the navy, who was more of a conservative. He warned people about the medicare system early on, and earned national attention in 1964 for the support of conservative Barry Goldwater’s campaign. They suggested him that he campaign for governor, and so he was California’s governor for two years. He also finished third in the race for the republican nomination. He started up the Ronald Reagan radio commentary series, and captured the republican nominations with the line, “I believe in the states’ rights.” He decided to chose one of his republican opponents, George HW Bush as he vice president. He said the in this crisis, government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem. He was almost 70 when inaugurated, and restored prayer to schools through adding a moment of silence. He was the target of an assassination attempt and was wounded, but recovered after 2 weeks. He managed to reduce inflation from 12.5 per year to just 4.4 when he left. Free market philosophies and across the board tax cuts were well received, and he won 49 out of the 50 states. He died in 2004, at the age of 93 in his home after 10 years of alzheimer’s disease.
Reagan is still now ranked among the top 15 presidents, and quotes are still used by conservatives around the US.

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