My Main Financial Goals for the Future

I think it is important to have a plan for the future because then I have a goal to achieve. One of the things I really want to achieve is to have made some good investments, and as of right now, I am trying to look more into investing. Another thing I want to achieve is to have financial freedom early on in my life.

Financial freedom is the ability to not work and still be able to support yourself with your investments and the money you that already have. I think it is still important for me to work, but it will be good to know that I am financially stable. It will also give me more time with my future and present family, and make an overall relaxed schedule. To achieve financial freedom I think it is very important to have good investments, for making plenty of good investments will give me a huge boost towards having financial freedom. About investing, I also will have to have money first so that I can invest in things like stock and real estate. To save money, I think it will be very important to budget well. I also want to be able to support a family from early on in my courier so that my future wife would be able to become a stay at home mom. Then, my future wife could help homeschool my future kids (hopefully).

Those are my main financial goals for the future, and I will continue trying to find out how to make better investments.


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