“In His Steps,” By Charles Sheldon.

In my English class, we started to read a book on the social gospel, “In his steps,” by Charles Sheldon. I find the plot to be quite unbelievable at times, and their “Christian” gospel not matching what I believe as a Christian. Here I will be explaining what I think is the most unbelievable part of the plot.

The most unbelievable part to me, is one of the characters, a beautiful girl named Rachel. Rachel has a wonderful voice, so gifted that even a concert asked her if she wanted to join their band with a high salary. But Rachel feels ashamed of her beauty and thinks that traveling with the concert, which most people dream of, is a selfish motive, and so she doesn’t accept. Instead, she joins the church choir and gets paid by the church. Even so, she still feels guilty, and always feels that there is something else she could do to help humanity. Together with that, if she had joined the band, she could tithe to the church much more than before! Then there would be no more need to feel guilty. And plus, beauty is given by God, so there is no need to be ashamed of it. You should be proud of who you are. In the book, Rachel is also very rude and is self-conscious, and also tells a suitor, “You have no purpose in life.”

Another preposterous part of the plot is when Virginia, a rich heiress gives 12 million dollars to a newspaper business which has no hope whatsoever of recovering. The newspaper has no plan, is losing boatloads of subscribers, and also has no advertisements in it anymore. No space to gain profit. What a way to spend your inheritance.

I think that the Social Gospel isn’t true because it isn’t founded on anything but your feelings. While the true gospel is founded on the Bible and Jesus Christ who died for us to save our lives. The Social Gospel also doesn’t mention anything about hell.


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