“In His Steps,” By Charles Sheldon.

In my English class, we started to read a book on the social gospel, “In his steps,” by Charles Sheldon. I find the plot to be quite unbelievable at times, and their “Christian” gospel not matching what I believe as a Christian. Here I will be explaining what I think is the most unbelievable part […]

Utopian Literature, Looking Backwards

Recently I started learning and reading Utopian literature in my English class. Now Utopian literature is just an imaginative society where everything is, “perfect.” A place where the government owns everything and where socialism actually succeeds for once. The book I started studying is called, “Looking Backwards” by Edward Bellemy. Looking Backwards is a best-seller […]

Blog Sites, and Why They Are Important.

Why a blog site with lots of content will help me to get my first full-time job after university. I think, that having multiple blogs is really helpful to getting a full-time job after University. Many schools, even many homeschool curriculums, don’t make you write multiple essays every week. And even if they do, most […]


Imagine a place where there is an endless amount of blue sky, large mountain ranges, and an ever-stretching ocean. A place that is completely… Perfect just perfect. Now think of when you last went outside to play, have you seen any litter? And if you haven’t seen any, I bet you have at least once littered something this […]

Chapter 12:

“Captain, they’re coming! One of our scouts reported a couple german style boats cruising in.” “Thank you, Harold, now is everyone in their formation outside?” “Yes, sir.” Then at that moment, the radio buzzed. “Captain, we are approaching and they have their guns out, I am ready to release the hatch when you come nearby.” […]