The Top Three Mistakes Young Couples Make

Here are, in my opinion, the top three mistakes that young couples make. I think that one of them is spending too much money on an engagement ring, a wedding, or a honeymoon. Two others mistakes are to underestimate how much money they need to support a household, and another one is to eat out […]

My Main Financial Goals for the Future

I think it is important to have a plan for the future because then I have a goal to achieve. One of the things I really want to achieve is to have made some good investments, and as of right now, I am trying to look more into investing. Another thing I want to achieve is to […]


Inflation can make many negative effects on people, but we can stop it from making us bankrupt. Some things inflation does is that it lowers how much your money is worth and raises the price of items. Inflation happens because the government starts printing out more paper money than usual, and raises the supply of money, but […]

Some Majors I Would Be Interested In.

I would be pretty interested in the Technolgy department of STEM. Becuase in the 2016 report from ThinkAdvisor*, it mentioned Computer Science as the 4th most paying major for the starting salary: 4. Computer Science & Engineering Starting Salary: $69,100 Mid-Career Salary: $115,000 (6th) I think this is a good idea because technology is getting […]

Carlos Slim.

Carlos Slim was born in 1940, Mexico City, to parents of a Lebanese descent. He was one of six children, and his father was a successful dry goods business owner. He and his siblings were taught business from an early age by their father, and at the age of 12, he bought shares in a […]

Buying/Renting a Car. L95

Nowadays, cars are a very important part of life. Especially if you live in a big city, cars are very important to get to places around the city. Cars can be the second most expensive thing you will ever buy. When getting a car, you have to consider the initial cost, and also long term […]