The Dotcom Boom.

The Dot Com Boom started with a new industry, the Internet. Now some of you might think the Internet was a thing that had been there forever because most of us kids have been using it for our whole entire life! Well, the thing is that it hasn’t really been there forever. It was available […]

Java, and Why I want to learn it.

Java. Most of us know it as a programming language or some of us just know it as coffee. The Java I’m talking about is a programming language. And if you don’t know what a programming language is, it is a set of instructions you give to a computer through its language.   You see, computers […]

Blog Sites, and Why They Are Important.

Why a blog site with lots of content will help me to get my first full-time job after university. I think, that having multiple blogs is really helpful to getting a full-time job after University. Many schools, even many homeschool curriculums, don’t make you write multiple essays every week. And even if they do, most […]

Space Exploration

The want to explore space started whenever people looked at the sky and wondered, “Hey, I wonder what’s beyond what I can see?” In fact, by looking at the sky you are already exploring space, you are just limited to what you could see at night with your naked eye. In the 1600’s, the first telescope […]

President Richard Nixon

President Richard Nixon was born in Yorba Lindon California in 1913. He was the second oldest in a family of five children, and two of his brothers died at a young age. He was raised in a poor family, but everyone was satisfied with their position and were dedicated to hard work. He attended Whitler High […]